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June 18, 2013

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What some of our Customers have to say about CARVER Custom, Inc.  "Experience the Difference"                                          .

If you would like to share your testimonial, please send your picture with testimonial to www.info@bb-enterprise.biz.


 I just got my TSG-22 slide back from you re-finished in Brushed Satin Aluminum. OUTSTANDING result!!! See attached pics. I couldn't be happier with the job you and/or your staff did on this slide! Thanx very much for an awesome job!!!    I'm getting ready to send you my P80 Ready-Mod frame and a G21 slide and parts for re-finishing as well. 

Thank you again very much!!!                                                                                                     Mike

Sent 11/17/18


Hey Bobby, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product. I finally went out on Sunday and put in some work. We've had a lot of snow. I was very impressed with enhancements... Just like butter! -Hugo Salido


From:                              Alexander Lyerly 
 Reason For Contact: Glock 21 gen 4
 Message:                  Recently bought your magwell for the Glock 21 G4 and couldn't be happier! Great fit and function...thanks for the perfect magwell. Bought from Glockstore.com


From:   John Lower

Thanks, Bobby.  I did figure it out last night and it shot like a dream today.  I just wasn't putting the plug in deep enough.  Youtube had a couple good videos.
 The pistol is truly amazing.  What an incredible difference!  It's almost like cheating...never thought I'd be able to be fast and accurate.  All the best,


From:    Les Porter
Reason For Contact: KUDOS
Message:            I knew it would happen,I just knew it. My carver combo set has turned my Smith&Wesson M&P 9mm into a fine tuned drilling machine. It now shoots 1 inch groups at 25 yards with very little recoil. I have to buy more stuff now, mag well,holster,mag extentions,new belt,etc. you have made this guy one happy shooter. The guys i shoot with can't believe it when they shoot it. I consider it my poor man's open gun. Thank you Bobby Carver.


From:  Michael Port 


"Bobby Carver is beacon in a sea of mediocrity. His work and customer service are outstanding. You know how some people "in the know" often make newbies feel inadequate because they're not "in the know"? Well, that's been my experience with many in this industry. But NOT with Bobby. He built my first race gun and took time and care to teach me what I needed to know so that I made the right buying decisions. He bent over backwards to make sure I was satisfied with his work. I really can't say enough about his character and his deep desire to take care of his customers. It's a rare thing to find these days. So, if you want to have, not only a super-cool tricked out Glock race gun, but an amazing experience working with a custom gunsmith, look no further than Bobby Carver." 


- Michael Port

NY Times bestselling author of 4 books


From:  Kevin 


Just got my magwell and extensions. The magwell is a true work of art. It functions flawlessly and looks almost too pretty to carry on duty (but I'm gonna do it anyways!). I just wanted to say thanks again for the excellent customer service. It's hard to come by these days. 

If you ever decide to mag a heavier magwell for the Glock 21, I'll take it! Not that there's anything wrong with the current one, but a little more weight could be beneficial. 

I work for a department of over 1,800 officers and will definitely put your name out there. The department issues Sigs but many of us don't need paper weights so we buy Glocks. Hopefully I can send some more business your way. In the near future, I'll order more mag extensions and some stuff for my Glock 35. Thanks again!



Good afternoon, Bobby.


Wanted to offer another update for you on the comp.


One thing that I have watched with curiosity is your side openings. You had mentioned they were designed as intake(s) for air. If that were so, then I wouldn't see any black around them like on the top - and - that is truly the case. After several hundred 9mm major rounds, there isn't a spec around the outside of those side vents. The only conclusion is that they are, indeed, taking in air, rather than venting gas.


I also have done a some '3" from the target' shots to see about the amount of gas being pushed out the barrel and compared it to my own comp. They are very close and close enough to be essentially equal. I also used a non-ported barrel with your comp and the results are close to the same, with a bit more residue on the target (slightly larger diameter blast mark) than with the ported barrels and comps. One would expect that. All this to say, your comp is doing a very good job. This is using (4) different loads and bullets, all at 9mm major.


You did a great job on the comp design. One item that might be worth trying on a rainy day is to angle the top ports 15 degrees to the rear. My good friend John Allchin does that and seems to be effective, although his comp(s) might have more material so that the angled face is longer.


You make fine products, Bobby.


Enjoy the day and thanks,

   Tom Schiller



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